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To ASME B30.9

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Information presented here applies only to new slings made by Eastern Sling and is not intended to inform you of your particular slings capabilities. 

Wire Rope Slings - Flemish Eye Spliced - Of 6x25 Class IWRC Wire Rope

Standard Loop Eye

Thimble Eye

Normally multi leg wire rope slings have thimbles at the top and the bottom, however they can be made with plain loops as well!

You can add hooks and other fittings...

Having a tag on a sling that can't be read is a simple detail that means the sling must be removed - even if it has no other issues.

That is why we offer the laser engraved, super high end and long lasting Etiflex tag on our slings!

Measuring slings with fittings is done "bearing point to bearing point" . For more info click here.

Order these slings by specifying size, length, type of eye at one end, and type of eye at the other end - as well as adding any fittings you may need.

Example - 1/2" X 10 FT. Two Leg sling with a master link on one end, and a thimble eye with positive locking hook on the other end.